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Are you a private aircraft owner who uses it for both business

and private purposes?

Then it's vitally important that you structure and operate your company in a way which optimises your VAT and taxation position. Our resident specialist in everything to do with aircraft ownership, Rex Thorn, can advise you on all this and more.


He's not only a chartered accountant, but also a qualified pilot and leads a team who work with many aircraft owning companies to offer:


 -  Full aviation consultancy services

 -  Taxation service

 -  VAT service


And of course, in addition to providing aviation consultancy services, Rex is able to discuss all aspects of flying too!

Our accountancy team also offer all the usual accountancy services at our modern offices, including accounts preparation, payroll, management accounts and auditing.

Plus a whole range of accountancy services at our Banstead office

Call Langdon West Williams PLC for advice on aviation ownership

“Rex Thorn at LWW gives a tremendous service. A painless operation - VAT repaid and accounts prepared without a hitch. Rex's great experience in practical flying extends the service to advice on all aspects of aviation - much appreciated”

- Keith Hayley (Hayley Aviation Ltd)

Does your company own its

own aircraft?

Then you need an accountant who knows everything there is to know about aircraft ownership.

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